Have you bought your tickets...

...to our screening at Klarabiografen during Stockholm Pride (3rd of August at 12 p.m.)? The price is only 100 SEK per ticket! You can buy your tickets at the door or at tickster.com !

Birgitta Linder as "Becka" in Fan Club.

Welcome to our screening at Stockholm Pride!

Emelie Ulfeby, Bessie Östergren & Birgitta Linder.

Ann-Charlotte "Lotta" Robertson, Bobby Kikumu & Céline Marcault.

You are all VERY WELCOME to the screening of Fan Club at Stockholm Pride (Klarabiografen, Kulturhuset) on the 3rd of August at 12.00 p.m.!

Welcome to our screening at West Pride!!

Ronja Larsson as "Karin" and Katja Gustafsson as "Danni".

Eva Alfhild Jonsson as "Tiffany" and Birgitta Linder as "Becka".
You are all VERY WELCOME to the screening of our feature "Fan Club" at West Pride (Bio Göta) tomorrow at 12.30 p.m.

Buy/listen to "New Year's Eve" and "Set Me Free"!

You can now listen to and/or buy the songs New Year's Eve and Set Me Free (soundtracks to Fan Club)! The songs are written by Hanna Björklund and performed by Eva Alfhild Jonsson with Erika Nilsson on guitar and synth.

Last month...

Eva Alfhild Jonsson
...Eva Alfhild Jonsson was interviewed by magazine Ottar. Eva, Anna Hellgren and Aida Paridad talked about representation in TV shows like Prisoner, Wentworth, Orange is the New Black and Bad Girls. You can read the beginning of the article here (it's in swedish). If you want to read the whole article - buy the magazine!!

One week until our premiere!!

Ronja Larsson, Katja Gustafsson, Freja Gustafsson & Birgitta Linder in Fan Club.